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Race of Champions - Miami 2017 - Live Results

Race of Chaimpions this year is been heald in Miami and JP Montoya won the overall standings in Race of Champions.

F1 2014 Season Ends and Lewis Hamilton is World Champion

The season finale in Abu Dhabi today marks the end of the 2014 Formula 1 season.


Formula 1 coverage BBC for the 2014 season

The BBC will cover 9 out of 19 races, showing live with un-interrupted coverage of Thursday's First Practice to the Sundays Race for all the grand-prix.  These include British, Canadian and season-ending Abu Dhabi

More on this on the bbc site

Letter to Mr Ecclestone

The first race of the season - the Australian GP is now over and am sure alot of us failed to see it live. 

It was only shown later in the day on the BBC, hours after race had ended.

Jake Humphrey on the BBC v Sky war of F1 broadcasting

Jake Humphrey is quoted on digitalspy of its inpending rivalry to be better than ever now that Sky is now showing all the races live in the calendar.  The BBC on the other hand only has the rights to show half the races.

He goes onto say ""I'd love to have every F1 race on the BBC, but that isn't the case and we have to make the best of what we have.

Why boycott formula 1 on sky?

Why should we have to pay to watch Formula 1 when it has been available on terrestrial TV for the last 30years without any costs?

Since that time Sky has bought every sport it can to show solely on their network and now, we stand to lose F1 in 2012 for half the season.

Should the BBC be the only broadcaster to show F1 in the UK?

84% (79 votes)
16% (15 votes)
Total votes: 94

Kimi Raikkonen possible come back to F1 for Renault team in 2012

Kimi Raikkonen departure from F1 since 2009 and driving for the Citroen team in the World Rally Championship for past 2years has meant there has plenty speculation about his return to the top flight motorsport which is Formula 1.

He's lacklustre showing over the past 2 seasons in the WRC has meant a lot of people around him indicating his return to F1 and Mr Iceman would be a welcome addition to the paddock with 7 World Champions all racing around the same piece of track if he decides to come back.

Misano circuit to be renamed to Marco Simoncelli Circuit

The tragic loss of Marco Simoncelli the MotoGP Honda Gresini rider, who was killed at last Sunday event in the Malaysian Grand Prix, has left a deep cavern of soul searching by many people involved in motorsport as a whole and those who watch it.


The 24 year old sudden death marks the 2nd fatality in the Motorbike championship "MotoGP".


Shoya Tomizawa the Japanesse rider died under similar circumstance on track after been hit by several riders. Both riders are sadly missed for their innosense and big smiles in the paddock!


Fomula 1 e-Petition

The goverments e-petition website has the following open 'petition' to vote for keeping Formula 1 free showing on UK TV Screens.

Sign the petition to add weight too, a 100,000 vote will ensure government will take this into a debate in parlament. Keep Formula 1 Free To Air in the UK

So far there is over 4,500 signatures: